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The General Performance Training is a family-run gym by siblings Tori and Barrett. Our goal is to build a unique environment of the community of local athletes and together support each other to reach new goals.  Our mission is to provide positive and challenging environments promoting health, fitness, functionality, fun, well-being, and community; ensuring that fitness and health goals are met by coaches that care about their people and what makes them happy and healthy! We want to help you be the best YOU!

The General Performance Training is a place for anyone at any skill level, a place without judgment, a place where everyone can grow. Either HIIT, performance training, cardio, resistance building or simply stretching, we have a class for everyone and are here to help support your individual athletic goals.

Our Coaches



Tori is the owner and head coach of The General Performance Training. She has over 4 years of experience as an owner and head coach at The General Performance Training and vast experience as a collegiate softball player. She played softball for the Bearkats at Sam Houston State University, where she earned several accolades on the softball field, including First-team All-Conference her senior year. In 2017 she graduated from SHSU with a Kinesiology and Business degree. Her passion quickly became the sport of Crossfit as she finished her softball career. She has now competitively taken part in the CrossFit Open for the last several years, placing well in her region and overall many times, and advancing to Quarterfinals in 2021.

Tori was born and raised in Huntsville, Tx. She is passionate about helping and coaching other athletes in reaching new individual goals. She takes pride in the gym’s appearance, success, growth, and the member’s overall happiness and sense of community. Her biggest hope and priority is to provide a place where everyone can be THEIR personal best!



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Performance Training Classes

No boring, repetitive, workouts here. “Constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity”.Every day is a new challenge. Each class provides a combination of barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell, gymnastics, skills, or cardio movements that will push you past your own expectations and limitations of yourself. Providing you with more functionality, longevity, and an overall better well-being. Producing a stronger, faster, leaner machine of a human! Won’t repeat a workout, every day is different than the day before! New challenges, new skills, better you!

Cardio Classes

45 Minute class that does not require any high level experience or skill. Come in ready to learn and workout hard and you will do just fine! In this class, there will be no barbell use, instead, the focus remains on dumbbells, kettlebells, cardio, and bodyweight movements! Cardio Burn includes lots of conditioning, core, bodyweight movements to focus on getting leaner, toned, conditioned, rather than lifting heavy weights! This class is a great class for someone who is not ready to start our performance training or higher level classes yet, doesn’t care about heavy barbell weight, or wants to add this class into their schedule in addition to any of or other classes to change things up! 

Quick-Fit Classes

This class is for those of you who need something short and sweet to align with your busy schedules! This class will be very similar to our cardio class, but will be shorter with simple workouts and movements. This will allow any new member to have another opportunity to join an introductory class, or allow any current members to get some short, extra work in. 

Functional Fitness Classes

This class is for those who want to walk into a gym and know what to do and how to do it. The intensity level is much lower than other classes so that learning and development may occur. We work on foundational, functional movements creating longevity in every day life. The level of difficulty can range across the board as the individual will be who creates the difficulty of the task for themselves. This class is great for anyone who has never worked out before, needs specific instruction, or likes a smaller, one-on-one, class atmosphere.






Performance Training/Cardio


AM: 5AM; 6AM; 8AM


PM: 4PM; 5PM; 6PM


Community Saturdays @ 9am - once/ month - TBA


Performance Training/Cardio


AM: 5AM; 6AM; 8AM


PM: 4PM; 5PM


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